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Emanuele Arielli


IUAV University
Faculty of Arts and Design
Dorsoduro 2206 - ex convento delle Terese 
30123 Venezia - Italy




M.A. 1995 State University, Milan - Italy

PhD 2002 Technische Universität Berlin

Professional Experience

1999-2004 Contract teacher and research fellow at IULM (University Institute for Modern Languages) University, Milan and at the G. d'Annunzio University, Pescara.

2002-2003 Research fellow at the DADI (Design and Arts) Department, IUAV (University Institute for Architecture), Venice.

2003-2004 Research fellow in Berlin, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

2005 Assistant Professor at the G. d'Annunzio University, Chieti and Pescara.

Since 2008 Associate Professor at the IUAV University - Venice.

Research interests:

Philosophy and psychology of visual communication and design. Experimental Aesthetics.

Philosophy of language, pragmatics and its relation to visual communication.

Current research:

My ongoing research, developed in part during my Humboldt fellowship at the IZW and at the Technische Universität in Berlin, deals with topics concerning visual reasoning and argumentation, with particular attention to their implications for the information designer. The first step of this research was dedicated to the analysis of classical approaches to the problem of a "visual logic" or diagrammatic argumentation. The central aspect of this investigation focuses on implicit or unintended inferences elicited in a visual display of information, taking also in account the psychological research on the relationship between reasoning, judgment and perception.

Publications (after 2005)

2011    "Contrast and assimilation phenomena in aesthetic judgment", in Empirical Studies of the Arts (accepted for publication).

2009    "Il problema della razionalità in psicologia" (with P. Legrenzi), Nuova Civiltà delle Macchine, 4.

2007    "Comunicazione e Marketing" (with P. Legrenzi,, M. Di Bartolomeo), In: (Rumiati R, ed.), Introduzione alla psicologia della comunicazione. (pp. 149-169), Il Mulino, Bologna.

2006    Cognizione e Comunicazione. Le basi psicologiche dell'interazione umana, Il Mulino, Bologna.

2006    "The perception of color" (with P. Legrenzi), in LUX, LA REVUE DE L'ECLAIRAGE. pp. 30-37

2005  Unkooperative Kommunikation: Eine handlungstheoretische Untersuchung, Berlino, LIT-Verlag.

2003 Pensiero e progettazione. La psicologia cognitiva applicata all'architettura e al design, Bruno Mondadori, Milan.

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