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IZW - Guest lecture : Prof. Dr. Giridhari L.Pandit .22 February 2017

IZW - Guest lecture : 22 February 2017

On Wenesday 22 February 2017, Prof. Dr. Giridhari L.Pandit (Universitiy of Delhi South Campus/Indien) will lecture at the "Berlin Center of Knowledge Research" on the topic

"World Making Symbolic Forms: A Prospect for Cassirer-Popper Interface Building"

In response to the early twentieth century developments in physics, the philosophers Ernst
Cassirer and Karl R. Popper pioneered innovations resulting in a dynamic turn in epistemology and methodology of science. In this very context, Prof. Dr. G. L. Pandit refers to Cassirer’s philosophy of symbolic forms, viz., those of myth, language, art, and science, as a theory of world making symbolic forms. And he refers to the critical rationalist Popper’s objectivistic evolutionary epistemology as an interactive theory of three kinds of world-making. These are the World1 of physical things/processes governed by physical laws, the World2 of minds/consciousness and beliefs and the World3 of objective knowledge, conceived as being in mutual interaction and distinguishable yet relatively independent from one another.

Place: Main building TU Berlin

Room: H 2051

time: 18 Uhr c.t.




XV. Conference of the international research network "Transzendental Philosophy /German Idealism", 19 - 21 January 2017

XV. Conference of the international research network  Transzendental Philosophy /German Idealism

" Weltbürgerliche Perspektive und nationale Weltsichten" (Cosmopolitan perspective and national world views)

Die Dialektik des Kosmopolitismus in der deutschen klassischen Philosophie

(The dialectics of cosmopolitanism in German classic philosophy)

In the period of classical German philosophy, especially in Kant, Fichte, Schlegel, Goethe or Herder, cosmopolitanism and nationalism or patriotism do not appear to be fully opposite notions, but rather reciprocal aspects of the same political position, or complementary perspectives of one and the same conceptual dynamic. The aim of the conference is to examine how far the conceptual constellation and the theoretical tensions of the cosmopolitan thought in German idealism could be relevant or even illuminating for understanding our actual situation, where, on the one hand, the role of Nation-States is more and more limited and relativized, while on the other hand the normative idea of cosmopolitanism has fallen into a profound crisis of legitimacy and is challenged by the strong resurgence of nationalism.


Place of conference:

Technische Universität Berlin

Hardenbergstraße 16 - 18

10623 Berlin


Date: 19 - 21 January 2017

Directon: Dr. Quentin Landenne, Prof. Dr. Christoph Asmuth




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